We share a dedication to creating emotion-centered experiences 

Lillian Tong 

Lillian Tong is a hybrid of writer, designer, and strategist. With professional experience in journalism, design and marketing, she combines sharp intellectual rigorousness with creativity and compassion to craft insightful stories and meaningful experiences.

She holds a degree in Industrial Design at Zhejiang University in China and Transdisciplinary Design at Parsons in New York. With a profound understanding of both western and eastern culture, she practices a systematic approach of design through the lens of culture.



Colleen Doyle has a background in film studies. She received her BFA from Rhode Island School of Design. As an undergraduate, she focused on documentary filmmaking, which allowed her to explore an expansive range of social matters in depth.

Through her investigation of post-consumer garbage, she decided to return to school to contend with larger issues of waste and want in the Transdisciplinary Design program at Parsons. Since completing her MFA in 2015, Colleen has been engaged in sustainable design projects aimed at rearranging human relationships to the object world.


Myriam Doremy Diatta

Myriam Diatta is part-time faculty at The New School and Pratt Institute and teaches at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Her background is in design consulting, facilitating design-led research, and conducting UX research for research labs, design labs, and educational institutions. Her experience focuses on social-emotional learning, behavioral science, and mental health services. 

Myriam earned a Master’s in Transdisciplinary Design from The New School in 2014, and has a degree in interior design and product design from Syracuse University.


We each work across disciplines to inform our process.

Our team comes loaded with various research methods, design practices, and experience working in diverse professional domains. Our collective experience allows us to deliver high quality, Emotion-Centered Design research and strategy. 

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