Design Poetics 

Workplace installations and rituals for people’s emotional well-being

Design Poetic for the Workplace is a novel design approach that centers around knowledge workers’ emotions. The program helps companies and organizations understand employees’ unstated emotional needs and address them through the customized design of workplace “rituals.”


Among 200 working Americans interviewed, 88% of the people surveyed said they want more emotion in the workplace. While workplace design is moving from work-centered design towards human-centered design, the missing piece is dedicated space and design for emotions in the workplace.


Workplace is a place that creates the condition for better work. What if workplace design could not only accommodate the functional needs for achieving great work, but also the emotional one?


Starting from identifying the desired emotions, and then contextualizing through metaphors, those emotional needs are addressed through a set of objects. They are ‘curiosity,’ ‘forgiveness,’ ‘calm,’ ‘belonging,’ ‘connection,’ and ‘confidence.’ They embody a series of contemporary rituals which help people engage with neglected emotions in the work environment.


Makeshift Society is a co-working space and creative community that enables freelancers and small teams to start and grow their businesses. This set of ritualistic design was implemented in the space of Makeshift Society and received positive feedback from the members who incorporated them into their work life.



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