Our Emotion-Centered Design process comes in two distinct phases

Our Strategy Phase is about understanding your stakeholders' emotional experience with your product. Our Making Phase uses that understanding to inform strategic direction to improve your product. 

Strategy Phase 

We conduct research, unearth surprises, and plan smart strategies. 


Base deliverables

Report on quantitative and qualitative research

Documentation of new desired outcomes          


We assess the emotional pulls of your challenge space. We work closely with you and your stakeholders to answer key questions about their emotional experiences.


Using the new learnings, we work with you to plan for what's next. We dedicate time to explore what could be

Making Phase

We design new objects, services, and programs.



Final Design of objects and/or services     

Program Roadmap for maintaining new products and offerings


We build special objects, spaces, and services that bring the desired program to life. We put them into action in your stakeholders’ emotional lives.



We work hand in hand with you to incorporate new values and routines, as well as to install sustainable, flexible design solutions.


Want more? 

Ask to see our Tools Portfolio. It's a photo album filled with specific tools and methods we have used for each phase. We'd love to share it with you. 


What's Next?

See how we apply our process to real-world challenges.