Talks and Workshops

Selected Talks and Workshops

Talk + Workshop |
Designing for the Digital Self

We held an interactive session—a combination of presentation and workshop—at Better World by Design conference. We facilitated deep reflections on our relationship with technology and how it shapes our digital self,  as well as hands-on making activities to create emotional tools for our true self.

Fall 2018

Talk | Ritual Design Summit

Ritual Design Summit is an ‘unconference’ style gathering of designers, researchers, technologists and organizational change experts whose work demonstrates new thinkings and possibilities of ritual design. We spoke at the Ritual Design Summit at Stanford D. School about our approach, process and case studies on emotion-centered ritual design. Read a recap here.

May 2018

Talk | Emotional Tools

We spoke at Art and Science salon series to introduce the concept of “emotional tools”— tools that speak to and/or address people’s emotional needs—and explore its wide range of types and meanings in our life. Read a recap here.

Spring 2018

Panel | Better World x Design Conference

Better World by Design is an initiative at Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design that celebrates interdisciplinary collaboration between designers, educators, innovators and learners. We were invited to speak at Better World by Design conference to talk about our Emotion-Centered Design practice.

Fall 2017

Panel | Design for Unconscious Bias

We spoke on a panel about design and power alongside friends at Project Inkblot and Rafael Sergio Smith of Through the discussion, we critiqued definitions of 'inclusion' and 'diversity' and questioned existing solutions for making workplaces, products, and services more inclusive. Listen to the presentations and panel as a podcast here and see the past event page here.

November 2017

Talk | Emotional Interface

Empathic Design and Research is a meetup group run by Rob Strati. The series of lectures answered, ‘How might we create digital experiences that are emotionally engaging? And what are the tools and methods we can use?’ Read more.

December 2016